Hello Dear

I’m not your average door.

I’m a secret door.

Yet the strangest thing is, I’m in plain sight for everyone to see.

But people dismiss me.

Even you.

Because I look like nothing special.

Just a door in a wall.

I’m waiting to be opened

But my appearance belies the treasures lying behind my wooden frame.

People are too caught up in their thoughts to see that I’m here to usher in a new chapter in their life.

In fact, you’ve gone right past me many times yourself without stopping or wondering what’s on the other side of me.

But today, An Angel sent me because…

It’s time that I speak up, stop in your tracks, and ask you to open me.

After all, that is my only purpose.

To lead you through to the other place.

The place where you can learn the life-changing secrets hidden beyond.

Once you gently push me open, all will be revealed.

Things like...

How to finally have the power over your life rather than being a leaf at the mercy of the wind.

How to take control of your destiny and do what you’re meant to do (not what others say you should do).

How to finally be the person you’ve dreamed of becoming - because it will no longer be a dream!

Your moment has arrived.

Want to see what’s on the other side?

All you need do is reach out and open me.

I’m here…

just for you...

just for today.

Tomorrow, I’ll be off to invite a new hand to open me.

But it’s your chance, right now.

To hidden treasures and life changing secrets,

~Your Secret Door